Build A Digital Product That Scales

With the Focus2Scale Framework


The framework can be applied at any stage of the digital products lifecycle.

With the vast amounts of information available, we have become used to functioning in the confusion of it all as the norm, making it hard to implement change based on facts. 

The Focus2Scale framework simplifies your data, goals and operations. It empowers you to make decisions derived from data you can work with instead of the many metrics that usually confuse most of us.  

It has four main parts which are broken down into eight elements. the main four parts are:

  1. Segment - Here, we identify your customer's journey.
  2. Track - We then create a (Data) plan that you and your team understands.
  3. Measure - This allows us to measure whether you have a product-market fit.
  4. Execute - this is a real executable plan that you and your team understand and can act on along with your data (from the Tracking plan) aligned.

A Simple 4 Step Framework with 8 Elements  

Go from hypothesis to data to execution with a framework that enables you to align customer and product data with operations. The framework aligns product data around their customer making tracking, measuring and analysing customer product usage and behaviour an integral part of everyday operations.  

Access the Focus2Scale Framework

Need 1:1 Help in Scaling Your Product? 

We also offer a 10 Hour Coaching programme that helps with the framework application and includes access to the framework. 

In addition, you get:

A TEN hour 1:1 coaching programme designed for companies building a digital product. 

FULL Access to the Focus2Scale framework.

A customised executable Digital Strategy in the form of an execution plan that we build together throughout the course of the programme. 

Templates that include a TRACKING PLAN template that aligns with PRODUCT & CUSTOMER.

Depending on the stage of the digital product,  this programme is aimed to:

1) Achieve Product-Market Fit-FAST!

2) Secure the next funding round.

3) Reduce the costs of building a digital product,

4) Reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

5) Increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). 

6) Optimise marketing spend

7) Streamline Onboarding and reduce the Time to Value (TTV).

8) Increase RETENTION!

If you don't have a long runway and don't want to run out of cash THIS is the programme for you!

If you are working in chaos and taking a "just-do-it" approach by predicting what you think the customers wants  OR 
you're in an analysis paralysis mode and spend too long trying to perfect your plan or product - THIS is the programme for you!

So if you prefer Coaching PLUS the Framework Implementation click the button below and take the first (and most significant step) to Build A Product That Scales!

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