Build A Better Business Faster with a Data Strategy.

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At Focus2scale, we help companies build Digital Products that Scale.

Together with our clients, we build customised executable data strategies that instil strong data cultures with our Focus2Scale Framework and Coaching Programmes.

Our programmes help StartUps & ScaleUps Achieve Product-Market Fit FAST and Secure Their Next Funding Round.

Our programmes provide businesses with an Executable Data Strategy. 

 Not sure what a data strategy is or how it can benefit your organisation?

Download our complimentary e-book "How To Build A Data Strategy." 

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Who is your customer?

When building a new digital product, companies are at risk of building something nobody wants.

They often realise too late and run out of cash before reaching product market fit. This is because they don't know their customer because their product or service is new. 

Users/Customers speak to you every day by the way they use your product.  

By implementing a Data Strategy that revolves around customer and product you can:

  • reduce CAC (customer acquisition costs)
  • increase revenue
  • speed up the entry to the market
  • build acquisition INTO your product
  • SECURE your next round of funding!

Get Ready to Scale! 

Once you understand HOW your customer uses your product, you can focus your team's energy and activities on optimising the user journey! The focus2scale framework and its application speed up onboarding, reduce the time To Value (TTV), and increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). 

By building your acquisition engine INSIDE your product and reducing marketing costs, the chances of your product/business failing reduce significantly!

This is how proper Product-Led Growth is supposed to be!

Build A Scalable Digital Product 

A TEN hour 1:1 coaching programme designed for companies building a digital product.  It includes FULL Access to the Focus2Scale framework and a customised executable Digital Strategy in the form of an execution plan that we build together throughout the course of the programme. 

The programme provides the required templates including a TRACKING PLAN template that aligns with PRODUCT & CUSTOMER.

The framework can be applied at any stage of the digital products lifecycle.

Depending on the stage of the digital product,  this programme is aimed to:

1) Achieve Product-Market Fit-FAST!

2) Secure the next funding round.

3) Reduce the costs of building a digital product,

4) Reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

5) Increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). 

6) Optimise marketing spend

7) Streamline Onboarding and reduce the Time to Value (TTV).

8) Increase RETENTION!

If you don't have a long runway and don't want to run out of cash THIS is the programme for you!

If you are working in chaos and taking a "just-do-it" approach by predicting what you think the customers wants  OR 
you're in an analysis paralysis mode and spend too long trying to perfect your plan or product - THIS is the programme for you!

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Data 360 for Female Founders

Our Foundation Programme for Female Entrepreneurs

A 1:1 programme is designed specifically for female founders to set up a data strategy for their StartUps!  

The only one of its kind, it aims to accelerate startup growth, prepare the data foundations for funding and give non-tech founders the confidence they need to take their business to the next level.

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Designed for companies who already want more from their data. The programme aims to transition companies from data-driven to data-led, ensuring their data moves from resource to a strategic asset.

Lead With Data

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and go from using data when you need decisions (i.e. data-driven) TO using data regularly. This programme transforms your business to be able to  ANTICIPATE decisions and move towards (i.e. data-led) - making data a daily habit. 


What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

I had no idea what to expect, but I'm so happy I enrolled in the Data 360 programme when I did because it has completely transformed how I think about customer behaviour and data. We've mapped out customers' lifecycles, and we are taking an experiment-measure-learn approach with everything we do when it comes to growth!"


Naima Camara

CEO & Founder @ Ownership

I was a total data novice, but there was a significant impact on me and my business strategy from the first session. The Data 360 programme has brought to life the value of data for me and how, if managed correctly, I can use it to make a massive difference to the progress and success of my startup. 



Lucy Wilson

Founder & CEO Shine Strong Revolution

The Build a Scalable  Digital Product programme uses a very organised, process-based method to dive deep into the core data of your company. By asking questions and peeling back every company layer, you get to the real data points that matter for managing success. The programme incorporates Rosi Bremec's vast experience in Information management and facilitates the creation of effective reporting."

Dan Stevens

CTO & Co-Founder @ StressPoint Health

Focus2scale helps you build a data strategy driven by your organization’s overall business strategy and business model. 

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